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Cloud Engineers as a Service

LBxNET’s cloud experts help businesses implement and manage their Azure based cloud solutions. 

Reliable Architecture

Our  solutions are based on the cloud architecture best practices and provide world-class level of availability, scalability and security.

Fully Managed Solution

Concentrate fully on your core business, while we will manage your applications in the Cloud.

DevOps Automation

During a project, we will gladly make necessary revisions to ensure that you’re going to get the best solution possible.

Our Services

Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code
We will use industry best practices and tools to build a complete and version controlled configuration management solution for your infrastructure and essential services.
Sit back while we build a deployment and CI/CD strategy suited to your team's needs, then deploy your application to your new or existing infrastructure. You can take over here, or we're happy to help with any issues going forward.
Cloud Hosting
We can build your infrastructure in the cloud (IaaS). We will engineer your infrastructure specifically for your application to reduce cost and prepare for future growth.
Monitoring and Alerting
We'll setup a comprehensive monitoring and alerting strategy to watch a variety of metrics we've come to trust over the years. If anything starts to look like a problem our team will spring into action to intervene on your behalf!

Managed Cloud for Business Apps

Integrate Cloud solutions with your existing software.

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Web Apps / CMS




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