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Sell Services and Configurable Products Online

We are not offering ready-made cloud migration plans, instead, we offer a custom solution that suits your business needs.

Reliable Architecture

Our  solutions are based on the cloud architecture best practices and provide world-class level of availability, scalability and security.

Fully Managed Solution

Concentrate fully on your core business, while we will manage your applications in the Cloud.

DevOps Automation

During a project, we will gladly make necessary revisions to ensure that you’re going to get the best solution possible.

Our Services

Cloud Migration
LBxNET has a deep understanding of both the benefits of adopting serverless and the challenges associated with creating the culture necessary to move forward with confidence. Based on our team's collective experience and constant feedback from our clients, we feel that the needs of most companies we talk to will align with one of the following engagement models.
Serverless Training & Workshops
We bring serverless and AWS cloud training workshops directly to your team. Immersive and innovative workshops are taught by LBxNET serverless practitioners. Each workshop is designed to help your team understand the benefits of serverless using common architecture patterns. By the end of the full-day workshop, you'll leave with the skills and knowledge to build your own serverless application.
AWS Architecture & Implementation
AWS design, architecture, security best practices, billing, logging, VPN, S3, EC2, Route53, etc.
DevOps Automation
Infrastructure As Code, Continuous Integration & Automated Development & Deployment, AWS Tools

Managed Cloud for Business Apps

Integrate serverless solutions with your existing software.

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